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sleeping-babyWhen you are in australia, did you see Today Tonight last Thursday? There really was an awesome segment done which possessed to give to you.
I have spent weeks performing work on my site and thinking of important aspects to write. Numerous ideas, but which to accomplish first? Then I had a revelation…
I was seated after dinner to watch the news and TT, when this lady from Queensland came on. She actually is the female of 4 children, and he or she was having some problems with her youngest daughter’s behaviour and attitude. She came up with an inspiration to record some positive comments, and blend these with some pleasant music into a CD to play to her daughter while she slept.
I was just inspired! What the perfect idea. I simply from time to time had to discover more about this, therefore would make a good post regarding the site. I take advantage of several programs and modules identical to this, nonetheless i can inform you i’ve had tremendous success with him or her.
So Kim got her CD, and even though her daughter was drifting off on sleep she played it for her telling her that she had “…designed a group of some nice items that I wished for her life.”
By simply being a budding neuroscientist I could write REAMS about the science and evidence that explains how and why these techniques work. Most of you would probably be bored by that and so i won’t go into it here. I shall show you a little about WHY it works though.
You see, our brain is not just a static entity. It’s true and it’s also quite simple — the health of the brain is actually evolving, changing, making and breaking new connections. Regardless of what we experience, no matter whether it is positive or otherwise so positive, creates a new connection, a memory, an emotion in our minds. Its these experiences that render us US. This is often particularly true for children.
Kids are handed down a “clean slate”, a blank canvas as we say. They tend to have no memories, no experiences saved in their minds. Everything they experience that are caused by the day they are definitely born creates a permanent impression and goes towards creating their personal unique “map of reality”, of exactly how the world works and ways to have to cope with it. This then affects their complete life.
On her website Kim explains “In moments when we are under 7 yrs of age we find it an effort to differentiate between fact and fantasy. That’s in a similar way kids are.”, and “… unless you have made everything perfectly up to 8 yrs of age, you really are beginning to lose your occasion to influence your son or daughter, unless of course, they’re asleep.”
When i said earlier, there is always A lot of evidence and research to support these techniques. Kim has combined many elements from several types of self improvement techniques, hypnosis, sleep programming, even NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) into her CDs. She has even created one for frazzled parents!
Anyway, Kim tells us that whenever her daughter woke after her first listening, she bounded straight into the kitchen carrying her portable CD player and said “Mum, I will hearken to my compliments CD however am getting prepared for school” -WOW!! She told me the improvements with her daughters behaviour and attitude in the following weeks were incredible.
While I was researching this post and considering factors to write, I remembered a favourite song of mine. Its called Perfect by Alannis Morissette, off her album Jagged Little Pill. The song is basically a listing of most the horrible things her parents utilized say to her as a growing child, along with a lament for all the pain it caused her.
Whenever you about to meet each other I heard that song I bawled my eyes out. Till today I STILL can’t hearken to it without crying. It jogs my memory of my own childhood as well as having the things which my mother applied to inform me (and really still does!). The song finishes with the line – We’ll love you just the way you might be in case you’re Perfect.
Now carefully consider this. Just how many times in a traditional day do you indicate your child that they really are special? Which you feel so blessed to obtain them in your circle? That you love them unconditionally? And how many times pm consider yourself yelling at them? Telling them how annoyed you’re actually with them, how they are so wayward you wish you could potentially forward them back. My mum utilized threaten us with sending us to boarding school after we misbehaved.
Like the famous Dr Phil would say, it brings many attaboys to undo one hurtful comment. Remember its combine all our experiences that produces us what we are today. For parents i recommend to start focussing on making as much positive nurturing experiences as you could specifically for your children.
With Kim’s CDs it has been like giving your child those thousand attaboys nightly, plus the neatest thing can it be can have a good bigger effect because they’re asleep!!
I seriously believe that you borrowed from it onto young people and then to you to ultimately Examine Kim’s site. If you do in fact aren’t already a parent, Im sure you know people who will have kids, and i am of the total belief that they would would love to learn more about Kim’s program, so forward them a link to this particular article, Tweet it or include it with your Facebook page. Your kids and also your friends will cheers.