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Parenting – A difficult Job With Rewards


The whole concept of becoming a parent is so exciting-and also pretty darned scary, whether or not you have taken care of children before. When you are the parent, you are the responsible person, the one who makes the choices that affect a young child’s total well being. When my children were born, no “How To Parent” manual accompanied them ...

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Parenting Patterns Of Mothers And Fathers


Believe it or not, the old saying ‘like mother, like daughter’ is still very true and alive. A recent study by researchers at Ohio State University on parenting reported an interesting finding. It claimed that women are more likely to follow how their parents practiced parenting than men. The said survey based its report on findings from 1,133 young parents ...

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Behavior Expectations for Babies (And the Parents)


I have written several articles dealing with the importance of teaching pre-school children about behavior expectations for different situations. I have also given several techniques for this. It hadn’t occurred to me that I needed to address babies and their parents…until last night. Yesterday was a friend’s birthday. We went to a movie and then to dinner at a popular ...

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Why Looking Very similar to A Parent May build A Poor Self-Image And Self-Concept


I believe “it” actually began the day I was born, or so I’ve been told. As I grew, everywhere I went people would comment on “it.” Church, shopping, family get-to-gethers…”it” was always a topic of conversation. I was most aware of “it,” though, at the doctor’s office. All my yearly school check-ups would end the same way: my doctor would ...

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Key Elements of an efficient Positive Parenting Program


Today, a lot of parents have interest in developing positive parenting skills. Positive parenting focuses primarily on giving good behavior a reward instead of punishing bad behavior. This encourages the child to continue behaving in appropriate ways while building his or her self esteem. In this article, we’ll talk about some things you can do to become a more positive ...

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Estate Planning When You Have Young Children


Estate planning takes on a whole new meaning when you have young children. If you die when they are minors, there is a lot more at stake than who gets the silverware or the beach house. You have a dual concern as for who will physically care for them and how to provide for them financially. Having a Will is ...

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Parents – Create An Emotionally Healthy Connection With Your son or daughter


“I could have helped you if I would have known, I’m your mother. I protect you against everybody in this world. I never thought to protect you from yourself.” This was a headline in a local newspaper. Her daughter had committed suicide the night before. The mother involved must be going crazy with grief as she thought she knew her ...

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Are You Ready to make yourself a Parent?


If you are young and you have just gotten married, you are probably ignorant of what it means to have a kid, unless you have brothers, sisters, friends, etc. that had their kids before you. You may have shared with them the responsibility for the kids, and may have followed their problems and learned a little bit about what it ...

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What New Fathers and Mothers Need to Know For the purpose of Parenting


Modern young parents appear to have deficiencies when it comes to propriety. One assumption is that their moms and dads may have passed on their negative traits to them. The new era of moms and dads should certainly make an effort to put their hands on several great child parenting ideas and start assuming responsibility for rearing their infants. Below ...

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Learning Sound Parenting Skills is necessary


It can be shocking to see how irresponsible some parents can be. I have observed many irresponsible acts in public that make me think that people should undergo testing and examinations before they are allowed to have offspring. Many people are not taking advantage of basic parenting skills classes that are offered. Many young parents have no clue whatsoever about ...

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