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Locked In: One Girl’s EXPLOSIVE TRUE STORY of Child Abuse (Child Abuse True Stories)


“What if this time tomorrow, I could be free?” That was the question that 15-year-old Emily asked herself as she gazed up at the ceiling of the darkened room in which she had been held captive for the past 10 years. Of course, the very same question had arisen in her many times before, but never with quite the same ...

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Parent-Led CBT for Child Anxiety: Helping Parents Help Their Kids


Parents can play a strong role in helping their children overcome anxiety disorders–given the right tools. This innovative, research-based book shows clinicians how to teach parents cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to use with their 5- to 12-year-old. Session-by-session guidelines are provided for giving parents the skills to promote children’s flexible thinking and independent problem solving, help them face specific fears, ...

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The Conscious Parent’s Guide to Autism: A Mindful Approach for Helping Your Child Focus and Succeed (The Conscious Parent’s Guides)


Help your child feel confident and capable! If your child has a diagnosis of “on the autism spectrum,” you may be feeling overwhelmed and most likely intimated. Often the focus is on “disabilities” rather than “abilities,” and you may be left wondering what you should expect as your child journeys through life. With The Conscious Parent’s Guide to Autism, you ...

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Permission to Parent: How to Raise Your Child with Love and Limits

After being bombarded by parenting fad after parenting fad, moms and dads finally have a friendly, commonsense guide to raising thriving children. Today, many parents have rejected the dictatorships they resented from their own childhoods. But they overcorrected by turning into child-pleasers. Showering praise and letting kids rule the roost has actually eroded the very self-esteem parents are trying to ...

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When Your Child Has Been Molested: A Parents’ Guide to Healing and Recovery

This is the thoroughly revised and updated edition of the best-selling guide for families of children who have been molested. First published in 1988, this new edition includes current research and information on the nature and effects of molestation on boys and girls, as well as proven techniques for therapy, healing, and recovery. Using everyday language, the authors provide information, ...

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Healing a Parent’s Grieving Heart: 100 Practical Ideas After Your Child Dies (Healing a Grieving Heart series)

Presenting simple yet highly effective methods for coping and healing, this book provides answers and relief to parents trying to deal with the loss of a child. It offers 100 practical, action-oriented tips for embracing grief, such as writing a letter to the child who has died; spending time with others who will listen to stories of grief; creating a ...

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Stuff You Don’t Need: A Mother’s Guide to Raising A Child in a Gadget World

Show Your Child How To Live A More Balanced Life with this Guide to Raising A Child in a Gadget World! Would you like your child to put down their electronics and listen to you? When you download Stuff You Don’t Need: A Mother’s Guide to Raising A Child in a Gadget World, you’ll learn everything you need to know ...

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Between Parent and Child: The Bestselling Classic That Revolutionized Parent-Child Communication

Over the past thirty-five years, Between Parent and Child has helped millions of parents around the world strengthen their relationships with their children. Written by renowned psychologist Dr. Haim Ginott, this revolutionary book offered a straightforward prescription for empathetic yet disciplined child rearing and introduced new communication techniques that would change the way parents spoke with, and listened to, their ...

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The Highly Sensitive Child: Helping Our Children Thrive When The World Overwhelms Them

The bestselling author and psychologist whose books have topped 240,000 copies in print now addresses the trait of “high sensitivity” in children–and offers a breakthrough parenting guidebook for highly sensitive children and their caregivers.With the publication of The Highly Sensitive Person, Elaine Aron became the first person to identify the inborn trait of “high sensitivity” and to show how it ...

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Raising the Transgender Child: A Complete Guide for Parents, Families, and Caregivers

Written by top experts in the field, Raising the Transgender Child offers much-needed answers to all the questions parents and other adults ask about raising and caring for transgender and gender diverse children: Is this just a phase? Did I do something to cause this? How do we protect these children? Who should I tell, and how? Will anyone love ...

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