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Pregnancy & Parenting: A Complete guide for first time parents on pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care. 2 Books in 1.

Inside you’ll get the following: Parenting: Everything You Need to Know Before Having a Baby No child will be happy all the time. It is a fact. Parenting to raise a happy baby from the womb is a great goal, but you cannot forget that emotions and personalities exist. At times, happiness is hard to find. As a wonderful goal, ...

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Parenting: Advice for New Parents on Newborn Care and Raising Smart Kids: Simple Strategies on Nursing, Brain Development, Proper Care and Nurturing your Newborn Baby

This e-book will aims to provide parents, particularly new parents information, tips as well as advice on parenting specifically targeted for babies till they reach the age of 2 years old. These early years of development are the most crucial for the baby entering a new world filled with new things to learn and discover. What do you do as ...

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